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The Total Alert System Emergency Display Unit (TAS EDU™) s the most comprehensive solution worldwide for Common Area Alerting. The TAS EDU™ unit instantly provides video surveillance, two-way push button intercom, touch screen display, strobe lights, bluetooth enabled, wireless or wired network connectivity along with Auto-Sense Cellular Technology for instant  redundancy when local networks are down!  The unit even has a built-in GPS Device!
Product Information

The TAS EDU™ (Total Alert System Emergency Display Unit) sets a new bar for in-building emergency notification. Wall-mounted alerting devices utilize two-way voice and video communication, strobe lights and sounds to engage the attention of building occupants located in common areas, and publish alerts for personnel safety and security with details of the emergency. The TAS EDU™ provides notice for immediate attention and the TAS EDU™ devices are mounted in crucial locations throughout building facilities. Ethernet and numerous reliable wireless communication connections insure that the message is delivered.



EDU unveiled at Joint C41 Conference 2010

2010-12-21 21:03:01

The Total Alert Systems Emergency Display Unit (TAS EDU™) was a significant highlight at the recent National Guard Bureau Joint C41 Conference 2010.  The purpose of the event was to bring Army Nati

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